Superior Strength And Quality For Your Toughest Lifts

  • Quenched and Tempered Alloy
  • Bows and Pins are Forged Alloy Steel
  • Each Shackle is stamped with Safe Working Load Limit
  • Custom sizes available by special order
  • All sizes have been proof tested to twice the Working Load Limit
  • Pins are painted blue, over galvanization coat
  • All sizes are InfoChip® RFID-equipped
  • ASME B30.6 standard met or exceeded in identification, ductility, design factor, proof load and temperature requirements
  • MarQuip products meet or exceed many other critical requirements, including RR-C-271F Type IVA Grade A Class 3 except for those provisions required of the contractor
  • Optional Certification by ABS available for use on Steel Vessels and Cranes
  • By special arrangement, Shackles will meet DNV impact requirements of 42
    joules at -20°C
Part Number Trade Size (nom) D Dimension (min) P Dimension pin (min) E Diameter Inside Eye W Width Between Eyes B Bow (min) L Length Inside R Diameter Outside eye (max) Working Load Limit (WLL) Tons
8472120003 2 1.9 2.19 2.38+0.020/-0.015 3.250±0.188 5.25 7.75±0.50 5.25 55T
8472125003 2.5 2.38 2.68 2.88+0.020/-0.015 4.125±-0.250 6.75 10.50-±-0.50 6.25 85T
8472130003 3 3.12 3.25 3.38+0.020/-0.015 5.000±0.250 7.375 13.00±0.75 6.75 120T
8472135003 3.5 3.62 3.75 3.88+0.030/-0.025 5.500±0.250 9 15.00±0.75 8.5 150T
8472140003 4 4.0 4.25 4.38+0.030/-0.025 6.500±0.250 10.5 17.00±0.75 9.5 175T

SRS (Synthetic Rope Socket) Mammoth

Terminate a synthetic rope in the field minutes
The Mammoth SRS is 100% efficient and stronger than the HMPE rope’s breaking strength
The SRS Mammoth is far more affordable than other complicated solutions.
The installation process allows the Mammoth SRS to be used at a moment’s notice (much faster than a resin solution) The SRS protects the rope from fraying or damage which allows them to be used in a limitless variety of applications Check out our video below on how simple the application process is!

Mammoth Synthetic Rope Sockets are color-coded by rope diameter.
Custom sizes are available upon request.
Sockets are provided with a powder coat finish.