To insure that your order is filled accurately, according to your requirements, the following information should be included for each item.

  1. LENGTH : The length of each piece and the number of pieces required should be specified
  2. DIAMETER : Specify the exact diameter of rope required.
  3. CONSTRUCTION : It is necessary to state the required construction of the rope.
  4. FINISH : When galvanized finish is required, it should be so stated. If no finish is stated, bright, or ungalvanized, finish will be furnished,
  5. GRADE : The grade of steel should be stated, i-e. Improved Plow Steel (IPS) or Extra-improved Plow Steel (XIP).
  6. PREFORMING : The requirement of preformed or non-preformed rope must be specified.
  7. LAY : The direction and type of lay should be specified. If no lay is specified, Right Regular Lay will be furnished.
  8. CORE : Specify which type core is desired.
  9. PURPOSE : It is desirable that you state the purpose or end use of the rope.
  10. SPECIAL PROCESSING : Any special instructions not included in the above should be stated exactly.