The Hi-Torque Chain Stopper was designed specifically for interval or end attachment. It will accommodate a wide range of chain, end link and various wire rope rigging applications. Since its introduction the Hi-Torque Chain Stopper has been regarded by supply vessel operators as the most proficient stopping device on the market for anchor handling, buoy retrieving and other applications.

Operationally, the Hi-Torque Chain Stopper is simple and effective. The closing lever pivots between the side plates to provide additional bending support while allowing the catch plate ample space for movement even when the stopper lies on its side. The shape of the side plates enables the stopper to lie flat on the deck in a closed or open position. There is no load on the deeper pin, which means it can be removed and the stopper can be tripped open with a tripping line attached to the catch plate.

This unique stopper is fabricated from hardened, high tensile alloy steel. Each stopper is proof tested in straight tension.